Introducing Brent Woods (and his creator, Elgon)

Um. Okay. You just seemed to come out of nowhere. But uh… Welcome to Whimsy by Candlelight. Who are you? The name’s Woods, Brent Woods. Brent is my middle name, though, short for Brenton. My sister Jean and came up with that name when I was ten because neither of us liked my given name,Continue reading “Introducing Brent Woods (and his creator, Elgon)”

Meet Ara and Felice! And watch out for the MAGIC MIRROR!

Hi! I’m Ara. This might sound weird to you, but I happen to have a Magic Mirror in my basement. And it slurps us into stories.That’s the truth. I’m not lying. Promise. I found out about the Magic Mirror, when it sucked me and my brother Felice into the story of the Three Little Pigs!OnceContinue reading “Meet Ara and Felice! And watch out for the MAGIC MIRROR!”

Fantastic Realism?

I had a few readers of A Cursed Enchantment comment on the moments when they thought they might gag while reading the novel.  So I thought that I would blog a little on why I didn’t skip over some of the Mahogany Manor Dolls’ survival details.  I am a history buff.  And I want toContinue reading “Fantastic Realism?”

The Dolls of Mahogany Manor Meet Mr. and Mrs. Taco

Yesterday, I hosted a fellowship event with ladies from my church. The ladies seemed happy to be guinea pigs for a few of the Bible study ideas that correlate with A Cursed Enchantment. It was such a fun time! I had to stretch the theme quite a bit since Carol, who loves to help planContinue reading “The Dolls of Mahogany Manor Meet Mr. and Mrs. Taco”

Tomorrow the World will Meet the Dolls of Mahogany Manor!

I would think that every author approaches launch day with such a mixture of emotions and thoughts from “Yes, I accomplished another life goal!” to “Will anyone like my book?” and “What if I didn’t catch all of the mistakes?” Today I had an interview with Liam, my youngest beta reader who is entering theContinue reading “Tomorrow the World will Meet the Dolls of Mahogany Manor!”