Meet Ara and Felice! And watch out for the MAGIC MIRROR!

Hi! I’m Ara. This might sound weird to you, but I happen to have a Magic Mirror in my basement. And it slurps us into stories.
That’s the truth. I’m not lying. Promise.

I found out about the Magic Mirror, when it sucked me and my brother Felice into the story of the Three Little Pigs!
Once we reached Pown, The Pig Town, we decided to rescue the two pigs that got eaten in the traditional tale.
I mean, that part in the original story was really bugging me! But someone in Pown wanted to ruin our mission…

Hi, I’m Ara’s little brother, Felice. I’m so glad that my parents chose this house because we have a Magic Mirror, like Ara explained.
First, let me tell you a few things about me and Ara. Ara is bossy, and a scaredy-cat, and I’m annoying, smart, and I love making pranks.
But I had a lot of adventure and fun with my sister in Pown.
P.S. One thing that was very annoying was to keep looking for Owen’s money, which was all along with him, so we just wasted our time.

And now I am going to introduce you to the girl who came up with our story, Anushka.

Tell us a little about you as a person.
I like reading books. Last year, I read over 1000 books! I also enjoy skating.
I am in grade four, and I wrote my first book when I was eight.
I go to Coronation Public School.
I have a cute little sister, Arushi. She is six and goes to Secena Trail Public School. She was so inspired by me that she wrote her own book, The Adventurous Kids.

What made you want to start writing stories for publication?
I was bored during the lockdown, and when I got the idea for the book, I wrote it and finished it, and then gave it to my mom.
She was so impressed by it, that she decided to help me publish it.

Tell me about one of your main characters and what you love about that character.

I like Ara, one of the main characters. She has to leave all her friends and move to another country. The same thing happened to me.
I also based her little brother, Felice, on my sister. My sister, like Felice is annoying but smart, and multiple parts of the book show my point!

Tell about one of the most exciting or interesting events in your book?
I loved writing the twist in my book.
It was fun to create the idea and then write it. And the most exciting part is where Ara and Felice almost get lured into a car!

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Published by amylynnwalsh

Amy Walsh is a 5th-grade teacher who loves teaching children about what she loves to do herself: reading and writing. She enjoys outdoor activities, especially hiking and camping with her Scouts BSA Troop. Amy also appreciates opportunities to share her faith through singing, teaching, and writing for her church family. Amy and her husband, Patrick, have three children: Bree, Spencer, Liz, and a son-in-law, Kyle. Amy and her family love to spend time together celebrating special occasions, listening to great music, swimming and kayaking, and having occasional ping pong tournaments.

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