Interviewing James from Questworld

Tell me about yourself.

Well, my name is James and I’m 13. Currently, I’m trapped in another world with four of my friends. This world is just like the video game we all used to play at home called Questworld Online. It’s a bit of a bummer being trapped here but it’s not completely terrible… Except for all the monsters that want to eat us. And the other monsters that are big enough to eat the first bunch of monsters who also probably wouldn’t mind eating us. Okay, so maybe it Is a little bit more terrible than I let on!

Also, somehow I was made the leader of our group, even though I have absolutely no leadership skills — like none at all! Being in charge always puts me in situations to make judgment calls on what we should do. That can be a bit nerve-racking at times since I don’t want any of us to get hurt, or worse.

What’s your personality like?

Uh… back home I was just kinda normal. I liked playing video games, watching anime, and had a decent number of friends. Now that we’re in this other world though, I’ve become super anxious and really unsure about pretty much everything, especially when my friend Bentley accepts a new job request so we can get some money. Or when he convinces us to go along with one of his off-the-wall plans. Or… yeah… pretty much anything Bentley does is kinda sketchy, so it always puts us all on edge.

What are some of the challenges you face in this new world?

What isn’t a challenge in this world? We have to accept all these job requests for people to make money. Some are easy, like finding a few plants, and some have us going out and killing some monsters, or rescuing somebody.

Shopping for food is always a hassle too. We’re always trying to haggle and bargain with everyone to get the best deals. We don’t want to waste all the money we take so many risks to earn! And don’t get me started on the monsters!

Tell us one of the most interesting or suspenseful parts of your time in this new world. It is okay to leave us on a cliffhanger!

There was an evil goblin queen, who almost took over the world, which was kinda our fault… but whatever. Then there was the giant earth elemental, and the evil wizard. That one was kinda cool, well not at the time it was happening, but afterward. After the wizard turned into a dragon and started attacking everybody, I decided to use a random potion I found in his lab, and then I tur–

**WAIT! Nope! Uh-uh… Stop the interview. If they want to know what happened they’re gonna have to read the books like everyone else. Look, I’m taking over this interview from here on out, so James, you need to just go back to Ebraxxa and focus on trying to find a way back home, cause you guys have really been slacking in that department in the last few books.

Now, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Mike Doyle, and I’m the author of,,, wait, no, correction, I am the award-winning author… yeah that’s better… of the middle-grade fantasy series James’s Ragtag Adventures in Questworld.

So, let us continue with this interview which… only has 1 question left…? Whatever. That’s fine I guess. At least I got here in time to stop any spoilers from happening. Okay, let’s do this.**

What inspired you to write this character’s story?

I’ve always enjoyed writing, and after a car accident kept me out of work for a bunch of years, I used to write for an online wrestling federation. It was kinda like Dungeons and Dragons, except with wrestlers. During that time, I wrote some pretty off-the-wall stuff with a friend of mine that was extremely fun to write.

Fast forward to me finally wanting to further pursue a writing career and publish something. My first few attempts at writing some adult fantasy kinda fizzled out for one reason or another. One day though, I thought back to the wrestling stuff I used to write, which was really easy to write and a ton of fun to come up with and it just hit me.

If I took what I was doing back then, and removed some of the more adult-oriented stuff, it would actually work really well as a middle-grade story. So that’s what I did. I took the general premise of what I was writing back then and applied it to a bunch of kids trapped in another world, and two weeks later, the first book of the James’s Ragtag Adventures series was finished.

So pretty much all those people I wrote within that online wrestling game were the inspiration for the Ragtag series. I have even converted some of their wrestlers to fantasy classes and used them as side characters in some of the books because without me finding that online wrestling game, and writing for years with those guys, this series might not exist.

Here is an excerpt from James’s Ragtag Adventures in QuestWorld Book 1. Wait until you hear about the challenges the characters face in Chapter 1 Run! Goblins!

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Amy Walsh is a 5th-grade teacher who loves teaching children about what she loves to do herself: reading and writing. She enjoys outdoor activities, especially hiking and camping with her Scouts BSA Troop. Amy also appreciates opportunities to share her faith through singing, teaching, and writing for her church family. Amy and her husband, Patrick, have three children: Bree, Spencer, Liz, and a son-in-law, Kyle. Amy and her family love to spend time together celebrating special occasions, listening to great music, swimming and kayaking, and having occasional ping pong tournaments.

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