Meet the Characters from A Cursed Enchantment

Amelie Lynn


Hello! I’m Amelie Lynn (also known as Amy Lynn Walsh in other realms). I am the creator of The Cursed Enchantment and its sequels. I love imaginary worlds, tiny creatures, and mysteries! Join the dolls from Mahogany Manor as they have adventures in Crepundia and Vastaterra!

Meet the characters!

Fascinare, the greatest sorcerer in all Vastaterra, gives up his powers for true love. In a moment of anguish, he brings the Dolls of Mahogany Manor to life — and then abandons them to their fate hours later.

Baby Dexter and Little Aurelia need to stay quiet during the day as they hide from the humans. This is one of the Mahogany Manor family’s biggest challenges.
Worwena is a sorcerer who travels from Vastaterra
Fascinare, the greatest sorcerer in Vastaterra, travels to a land where magic is outlawed. His life is totally changed when he falls in love with the daughter of Henry Mink, a master toymaker.
Father (Leo) makes hard decisions for his family. Mother (Ellie) frets a lot, fearing that her children are always in danger.
Mahogany Manor
Corbin and Livie, the twin tweens, have very different personalities. Corbin is thoughtful and easy-going. Livie is impulsive and a bit on the snarky side. Both of them are hard-working and love adventures.
Auntie Amita longs for her own home and family, but how will she ever have the chance to fall in love when there are no other enchanted miniatures in Crepundia?
Connie Sica is the illustrator of A Cursed Enchantment
Felix faces many dangers as he hunts for food for his family. He also keeps many secrets….
Nana always teaches life lessons with ‘homespun’ phrases. Grandad keeps everyone encouraged and is very practical.


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